“Getters” vs. “Wanters”

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I think the great divide between “getters” and “wanters” is the ability to see the obstacles and try anyway. Giving up before you start is what most “want-trepreneurs” do.  The term “want-trepreneurs” got popularized in startup circles to describe the people with million dollar mouths and ten cent execution.  Every “networking meet up” seems to bring these folks out like the bright blue glow of a bug zapper on a hot summer night. These pretend pioneers would rather fail with a good excuse than succeed by innovating around the obstacles they face.  In fact, their favorite conversations revolve around “what would have been”. 

Now it might be my own personal soapbox here, but I have attended enough “after-hours, happy hour, brewpub hang, start-up meet up” events to last me for the rest of my life.  I don’t say that because these events aren’t necessary or good for entrepreneurs, because let’s face it, some of us need the interaction with the rest of the world and some sunlight wouldn’t kill us either, but rather the real entrepreneurs, are in the minority at these events.  For the vast majority of the people in attendance, these events are what it means to be an entrepreneur.  It becomes a business lonely hearts club.  The same cast of characters is at every meeting.  The lady “who would’ve made an excellent CEO”, the “serial entrepreneur” going on and on about how they “almost took investment once, but it just didn’t work out in the end” and of course the “stealth mode” guys.

Excuses are the opiate of the entrepreneurial masses and they are running rampant.

I know it sounds that I think I have my self together but really I don’t at all. I’m no different from you.  I know that I have had a whole host of excuses for why I didn’t accomplish a goal or a dream.  In fact, it’s been a dream of mine to write a book for over a decade but I never even got a good start on it until now.  I didn’t have a good excuse for not doing it either.  I mean, I had a ton of excuses but I never really had a legitimate excuse for not just sitting down and typing until I had something worthwhile to show for it.

We all have a ready made storage container of all our favorite excuses.  I’m not connected enough at work.  I don’t have the prerequisite credentials.  I’m not smart enough, handsome enough, funny enough, intelligent enough. 

Here’s what no other book on leadership will tell you… You’re right.  You are incredibly deficient. Seriously, I know no other way to say it.  You are not an island. Rarely does anyone accomplish anything of note by themselves.  Your dreams, the crazy things you hope for, the things your friends would laugh at you about if they knew you aspired to, are completely out of your reach.

So freaking what!  Still have the dream.  It’s ok to have a dream.  It’s ok to have this thing that you want so bad you can taste it.  It’s ok to want it even though you can’t see a way to it. It’s right to still desire this impossible thing even though you don’t know where to begin.