Do You Suck As A Leader?

The good news is you can find out here.  I invented a “Leadership Matrix” that will help you plot where you are as a leader.  Let’s talk about where you fall in the comments below.  

5 Simple Ways to Win as a Leader.

Today’s post is the quickest way to find direction as a leader.  If you are struggling with getting your team on board or employee/volunteer satisfaction, take a look at this video and see if you can identify areas where you can get better.  As always, if there’s anyway LeadFast Co. can serve you or your mission, we’d love to hear from you, head over to the contact page.

Win at Social Media Today!

Life happens through relationship.  Being able to communicate and reach out to your customers/volunteers is THE key to effectively and successfully run your business or organization.  Today we talk high-level social media strategy with Danae Huff, founder at Twenty6Social.

Redefine Your Life With 1 Question

A mentor of mine always used to ask me, “What keeps you up at night?”  He wasn’t worried that I was getting enough sleep, he was trying to tap into the things that I was passionate about.  He was asking because he wanted to see what I would give up my rest for.  That question became a regular part of my personal evaluations.  Through every season of life, I’ve been able to identify my passions by asking myself that simple question.